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In this  103rd year  of  our  College,  the  OLSH  Ex-Students’  Award  is  a wonderful way for the Ex-Students to give active support and show their commitment to the  current  students  and  social justice  at  the  college.
Thank  you  so  much  to  the   Ex-Students   who  have  already   made   a contribution to the award fund.    We  have not  reached our goals for  the Award  fund  as yet and  hope  that  your  generosity  will  help  us  build a              substantial legacy for the future.

There are three parts to this award, which are as follows:

  • A Social Justice Award is presented at the College Speech Night to a worthy recipient who has worked tirelessly to implement the Social Justice ideals of the College.
  • A sum of money is given to the Social Justice Group at the College as funding to help with costs associated with College fund raising. Through this event students undertake to raise funds for the D.O.L.H. missions.
  • The Principal of the College is given money to use at her discretion to give financial assistance to a worthy student and her family.


We ask that you consider making a donation to the OLSH Ex-Students’ Award.  Donations can be mailed to the attention of The Business Manager, OLSH College, PO Box 837, Kensington, NSW 1465.  You can also contact us on our email at olshexstudents@gmail.com and we will provide bank details.  We are working towards a quicker payment system on this website.  Receipts will be issued for all contributions.

Another way you could contribute in the future is to consider leaving a donation in your Will.