OLSH OLD AND NEWThe Ex-Students’ Association aims to make new and stronger connections  with the wider OLSH community, especially with past students.  We encourage you to join us, we need your support to build a strong network.

The committee meets a few times a year at OLSH College, we encourage ex-students who are willing to help out, to attend our meetings.

There are a few ways to connect with the Ex-Students’ Association and keep up with news  and events.  This blog of course, an application form on our connect page, our Facebook page, email: olshexstudents@gmail.com,  and through the school website at http://www.olshkensington.catholic.edu.au.

Please join our Association with a small annual subscription of only $20 per year.  This enables us to continue to bring people together and hold our annual mass and some new social events.